Learn to play what you want to play


    You don't have to go through months or years of method books before you can play the songs or styles that you want to play.  I can get you there quickly and painlessly by showing you just what you need to know to play your style of music.


    If you would prefer to start from the basics and use a structured program of method books, I can work that way too.


    You are welcome to bring in CD's, mp3 or any other type of  recordings of what you'd like to learn and I can put it down on paper in a format you can easily understand.

    Lessons are currently $90/mo.  Lessons consist of 1/2 hour of private instruction per week.  Hour lessons can be arranged.

    139 Tulane, Elyria, Ohio 44035



    Keyboard Instruction, Piano Tuning, Music for All Occasions, Scoring 

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